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This is a list of all the Lexx fora, newsgroups and mailing lists that I am aware of.

First and foremost comes the official Lexx Billbored, kindly provided for us by Salter Street Films. You can also pay a visit to my new LexxLinx Message Board. The US SciFi channel also now has a Lexx BBoard, as does the UK SciFi Channel.

Secondly somes the Lexx newsgroup, alt.tv.lexx. This only available on some news servers, so you may have to use one of the web-based news readers, such as Deja, RemarQ and Mail and News.

Search Deja.com :

Then there are the email-based groups:
eGroups: Lexx / Lexxlist / Xenia-Seeberg / Brunnen-G / MorgyPorgy2000
Onelist: Lexx UK / Lexx (German) / Russian Lexx / Lexx Rollenspiel / Dark-Zone-Liaisons (Adult)

And online communities/clubs:
Yahoo Clubs: The Lexx Room / The Lexx Zone / The Divine Order / Lexx: The Dark Zone RPG / Kaii's Lexx Club / Lexx / Xenia Seeberg

If you have a copy of ICQ99b, the Lexx ActiveList is #57128073, although since I host the server this will only be online while I am, unless someone else happens to have a copy of the activelist server and wouldn't mind co-administrating...

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