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I will only list my friends in this directory with their explicit permission. If you wish to be listed, or to have your entry ammended/removed contact me by email, ICQ, in the #Lexx or using the new Submissions form. Click on the nicks to send email (when available), and on the ICQ numbers to visit their ICQ communications centre. See also the #Lexx contact list administered by SoulGrinder

Nick/email ICQ Lexx page Other page(s)
Apophis 26095604
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Pete's Homepage
Baggypants All Bar lexx Baggypants the Trousered Avenger
Bio-Vizier 60527747
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Alick's Lexx Site
BrunnenGai BrunnenGai Home Fire Fairy's Page
Cat 36822556
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Cat's LexxLinx Cat's Home Page
Emerald The LEXX Directory
Fishbone 2607382
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The Boneyard
Gfxprod GFX Productions
A graphics design company for film and TV.
IMF2000 The Works
Poems, stories and Limericks
Jaidn Claustrophobia
...expect nothing and you will never be disappointed...
Jeff66 Lexxian Pic Post Jeff66's Home Page
milk-boy 37440480
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milk-boy's Web Pages
Knas 2493026
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Lexxbabe The Works
Poems, stories and Limericks
LexxPark LexxPark
Mandrake 58398403
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The Donut King
Mira 4633409
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The Q2 Lexx Crew The Miraculous Zebra Zone
Beware of the hungry Zebras...
Pentagram 1299226
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Hell's Kitchen
Rachel The Lexx FAQ Rachel's Home Page
Shukaido A webpage of intrigue and secrets
I recommend having a browse through his excellent picture archive!
SJJ Squawker's Guide to Lexx SJJ's Homepage
Soulgrinder 58394139
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The #Lexx Contact List
Zeb Zeb's silly little page with no purpose

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