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Warning! I have no control over the server this applet connects to, so I advise you to stay in the room provided. It is a very bad idea to type /list as not only is the list very long, but the content of many rooms may offend. Also, since it is a rather large server be prepared to find your nick in use or reserved by someone else.

This application requires java support. You can also join the chat using any IRC client to connect to, and join the #Lexx channel. 

It is also possible to enter the room using an IRC client such as mIRC, on the host The channel is, of course, called #Lexx. This room is also available on the Dreamwave network, which can be reached either using the Java client on the website or using another IRC client (such as mIRC) and connecting using server details which are also on-site. unfortunately, as these are different networks these rooms are completely seperate.

Dont forget The official #Lexx server which can be reached using the applet on the Lexx Billbored or any IRC client by connecting to (further details here) and joining #lexx. The official backup server can be reached using the applet on Rachel's chat page or using any IRC client, by connecting to (further details here).

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