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The site is constantly under construction, and if anyone has any (hopefully constructive) comments on the site, or anything they would like to see added (or removed) contact me, Cat, or see me in the #Lexx. It was created in Netscape Composer 4.51 (at a screen resolution of 1024x768) and Notepad, although bizarrely it looks better in Internet Explorer 5 due to the way Netscape Navigator 4 seems to handle background images in tables. The page has been tested and works fine in IE down to version 3, but lower versions of Netscape don't support backgrounds in tables at all, so are harder to read. Opera appears to suffer from this same problem as well.

LexxLinx: Links to sites purely devoted to the Lexx series. This is by no means a comprehensive listing, for that you're better off visiting Splarka's Lexx Links. It is, however, mine and is devoted to my Lexxian fiends... sorry friends:) To those with site banners, I'm sorry but for reasons of space, loading times and my patience I cannot include them.
LexxianLinx: A directory of personal sites/contacts details of my Lexxian friends on the #Lexx IRC channel hosted by Salter Street (the series creators) on the Lexx BillBored. This channel is on server, port 7000. For further details see Splarka's IRC help page.
News: This is my little news section in which I will be concentrating mainly on UK based news, but feel free to donate any news/gossip that comes your way.
Photos: I have finally got hold of scans of the pictures I took in London on the 23rd of June to start off my pics section, so here they are.
Videos: Here are images of the inlay sleeves from the UK Lexx video releases, produced by Contender Video. Keep an eye on the news section for information on future releases.
Forums: As well as the official Lexx Billbored and the newsgroup, numerous fan run discussion forums, message boards and mailing lists have sprung up, including my own site's message board. This is a guide on where they are and how to access and use them.
Chat: You are also more than welcome to visit my own Lexxchat room, now retitled 'The Lexx Playroom' (don't ask...). Don't be surprised if there's no-one there (there never usually is)... but it's somewhere to go and mess around if the #Lexx goes down again and there's no point it just sitting there without being used... It can also be reached using any IRC client (eg mIRC) by connecting to port 6667 and typing /join #Lexx
Email: I've discovered a way to run my own free email service from my site and have since found another that offers different features. I will also gather information on other good free email providers and add it here.
Search: I have, over time, collected links to a large number of search engines, and after finding one that indexes my own site, I started collecting the code to add others. Here is what I have collected and adapted so far.
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